Beat Abuse!!
Before it beats

Don't Let it Happen to You!!

Abuse doesn't only happen to girls or heterosexual couples - it can happen in any relationship.

Why not check out if anything rings a bell with your own situation with any of these:

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physical abuse is when a person:

  • punches or hits you after an argument that has got out of hand.
  • hurts you in parts of your body which can't generally be seen by others, knowing that you will be too scared to reveal it to anybody else.
  • frightens you by pushing and shouting.
  • punishes you when you don't do as you are told.
  • deliberately causes you physical bodily harm.


emotional abuse is when a person:

  • degrades you by calling you names and making you feel useless.
  • forces you to alter your behaviour to make them feel better - the happier they are, the less abuse you will suffer.
  • shames you into believing it is all your fault.
  • manipulates situations so you feel confused.
  • embarrasses you by putting you down in front of others and making you feel stupid.


isolative abuse is when a person:

  • controls everything you do, even keeping you away from your friends and family.
  • deletes phone numbers from your phone to stop you contacting people.
  • hides their manipulative behaviour from others.
  • forces you to become dependant on them so you can't trust your own judgement.
  • lies to you, saying that your family and friends talk about you or don't care about you.


sexual abuse is when a person:

  • pesters you for sex even when you have said "NO", saying things like "if you don't have sex with me then you don't really love me".
  • forces you to take part in sexual acts that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • photographs you in compromising situations and then shows it to their friends.
  • pressurises you into looking at pornographic images.


financial abuse is when a person:

  • dominates you by using the power of money to control you.
  • confuses you by sending mixed messages. You argue, it gets physical, then he buys you presents, making you think it was just a mistake and he really does love you.
  • controls how, where and when you spend your money.
  • shouts and gets angry if they don't like what you spend your money on.


how to get in touch:

we are here to help - if you worry that you are in an abusive relationship, whether you're being hurt or it's you hurting your partner, talk to us and we'll support you to get the help you need.


We formed the Beat Abuse group after the tragic death of our friend Kelsey Shaw, who was murdered by her boyfriend on 30th April 2011, aged 17.

We want to tell every 13-19 year old about the early signs of domestic abuse and the devastating effects it can have.